Corporate Culture It is every corporation’s objective to want their workplace to be efficient, effective, productive, supportiveand team driven, engaging, respectful, open and friendly, and hopefully even fun. However, when people work together, especially where diversity of cultures, cognition and attitudes, that lead to tensions and issues often arise that can lead to disruptions in the workplace.
These types of tensions are common in most work environments, and defines the culture. It is vitalto prevent any minor issues from growing into a larger problems that can undermine the department’s effectiveness and be very unproductive.

How employees handle these issues defines the corporate culture. What are some typical issues at work:

1. personality conflicts – friction or frustration over different work ethics, styles and behaviors
2. meetings that are unproductive and a pitiableuse of their time
3. meetings where people do not speak openly afraid of repercussions
4. tensions between peers, management that lead to people avoiding each other or cause people to work around others
5. unprofessional and unethical behaviors and people not being held accountable for their actions

These, and other dilemmas, cause people to lose motivation, feel unproductive, feel frustrated and stressed, have a “give up” attitude and therefore seek a new job. Lignum has programs designed to change these dynamics and find new and healthierways of working together so that the team and individuals can re-establish an environment that promotes high performance and respectful team and individual interactions.

Business Strategy Our corporate practice is working with a diverse portfolio of clients on growth initiatives and improving corporate value. We work collaboratively, bringing innovative thinking, strong facilitation skills, proven strategic frameworks, and implementation skills to help our clients make their strategic planning goals a reality.

Industry Segments

Our Strategy practice provides services across several industries, including Government, Financial Services, Health, Utilities, Manufacturing, tourism, hospitality and Nonprofit.

Practice Area Service Offerings

  • Growth Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Transformation

Our strategy service offerings include helping clients identify and create new sources of growth by developing innovation processes and distinctive brand strategies with differentiating valuepropositions. We also helpcorporations with strategic planning by identifying key links between the operational realities of their business and the dynamics of their particular industry.