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Let’s define, hypnotherapy. It is a method of speaking to the inner-most part of your mind – your subconscious – to eliminate old habits and behaviors and to generate new, beneficial behaviors.

Hypnotherapy has been successfully used by millions to lose weight, quit smoking, improve memory, become more successful and so much more. In many countries Hypnosis has also been used as a complete anesthesia, in both childbirth and surgery.

Hypnotherapy — the clinical use of hypnosis — has been approved by the American Medical Association since 1958, and the American Dental Association and the American Psychological Association, shortly therafter. It has been used in clinical settings for well over 150 years, around the world.

If you suffer from Stress – Anxiety – Weight issues – Phobias – Public speaking fear – Test / Exam Nerves – PTSD – Migraines – Anger – Fear of Flying – IBS – Negative personal image or self-esteem – Eating disorders – Insomnia – Panic attacks Depression – low Confidence – Obsessive thinking – alcholohism, gambling issues and many other negative patterns of thought and Behaviour …………. and you have tried everything else and nothing works, then you haven’t tried Hypnotherapy.

Our psychologist are members of Division 30 of the APA (American Psychology Association) and board certified hypnotherapist. They are highly qualified individuals you can rely on to help you. Call us.