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Who Needs An Executive or Management Coach?

Executive coaching is hottest career in this century. That old stigma (“You’re so poor in what you do that you need a coach?”) has proven to be so wrong. Now it termed as a status symbol (“You’re so valuable you need a coach?”). Let’s look at the greats that became great because of Coaches, greats such as: Tiger Woods, Serenna Williams, Michael Phelps, President Barack Obama have a coach. Microsoft‘s young high-potential leaders get coaches. If elite athletes, CEOs of multi-billion dollar organizations think they need coaches, shouldn’t you have one too? Shouldn’t we all?

There is a leadership crisis, ever more so, in developing countries. Why is this leadership crisis happening? There are a few major reasons, and one reason is the cavities between how leaders see themselves and how others see them. This is a false sense of self-awareness as many leaders possess large egos which get in the way of their leadership skills. These chasms or blind spots can be career limiting and a detriment to the future of organizations they lead. The wider the chasm, the more resistance there is to change. It also makes it difficult to create a positive organizational culture where openness and honesty are not encouraged.

Good leaders make others around them successful and inspire them to greatness. They are passionate and committed, authentic, courageous, honest and reliable. But in today’s highly dynamic and high-pressure environment, leaders need a confidante, a mentor, or someone they can trust to tell the truth about their behavior. They rarely get that from employees and infrequently from board members.

What does Lignum bring to the table, we enhance your cognitiveness, logical thinking making you make better calculated decisions, handle conflict management, manage political climate in the organization, be a team leader or a situation leader, develop inspiration skills, handle stress, delegate effectively and efficiently, organizational cultural development, how to balance your workload, learning that having a title does not make you a leader. Leadership is an acquired skill.