21st century the new age in Consulting — In today’s global market and economy, corporations are faced with greater challenges than ever before, challenges like: reduce costs while increasingtop line by enhancing processes and operations. With our ability to help our clients maximize operational efficiencies, unlock growth potential, and empower transformative change, Lignum Institute’s Consultants are well experienced to work with clients to reduce overall operating costs and invest in business growth. Our team will provides pragmatic solutions to complex issues while leveraging industry best practices.

Our Institution and our culture are student and client-focused. As a professional services firm, we have engrainedour clients’ priorities in our institute’s model, conscriptingprograms, and incentive systems.

Our services are as follows:

Organizational Design
Organizational Alignment
Organizational Structuring
Culture Change
Talent Development
HR Evaluation
Competency Assessment
Business Strategy
Corporate Culture

Organizational Development is a process that “strives to build the capacity to achieve and sustain a new desired state that is highly effective, efficient and profitable to the organization”. OD implies creating and sustaining change, in: design, culture, organization structure, organizational alignment with corporate objectives and strategies, talent competency pool and effective business process management.

We consult from an OD perspective to examine the current environment, the present state of the business, organizational alignment to corporate objectives and strategies, to ensure there is a linkage between the two. As part of this process, we analyze culture to determine morale, negativity, direction, accountability, organization knowledge, performance, etc. In essence we simply will get the organization to an effective, efficient, high performing, profitable, and innovative organization

Talent Development is a necessity in today’s highly competitive global market. For any organization to be successful, it must ensure their employees are highly skilled and competent in their respective jobs. These two processes, Training and Organizational Development, are often closely connected. Our training programs we use training as a proactive means for developing skills, understanding and expertise to prevent problems from arising and can also be an effective tool in addressing any skills or performance gaps among staff.
Organizational Development can be used to create solutions to workplace issues, before they become a concern or after they become an identifiable problem…

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